THE VISITOR, 2014, HDV. 15:00 min.

Exploring the timeless landscape of the Judean Desert like a lost space traveller, a woman examines plants and animals. Synthetic sounds defy all logic. Through the representation of the self out of place in her own body and environment, the visitor collects information. A rootless individual hunting for her own social history.


Installation view, Ghent, 2014


Exciting Discovery in Biblical Archaeology Found in Judean Desert: Artifact 3

2016 Bronze 9x 7x 1.5in (23 x 18 x 4 cm) 

Series of aged bronzes - Exciting discoveries in Biblical archeology found in Judean Desert is a series of aged metal objects.  Here quotidian objects like headphone packaging and plastic casings take on the role of artifacts, blurring the line between what is authentic and what is fake. The ironic title draws attention to the contradiction between the Bible - based on beliefs and faith - and archeology, a science - based on proof and truth.  By extension, one could read here a parallel to the history of Israel, a country whose roots are legitimized by Biblical verses.  


Exciting Discovery in Biblical Archaeology Found in Judean Desert in the exhibition Hypermaremma, La Città Sommersa, Antica Città di Cosa, Ansedonia (Gr), 2019