PINK VILLAGE (2016) HDV. Stereo sound, 25:21 min.


As a gift to one nearby village, Monosov offered to paint a mud hut pink.  The village accepted.  What happens when you give a gift, which one artist desires to see manifested for formalistic reasons?  The creative pursuit of bringing friction to the natural landscape ignites a dialogue regarding the aesthetic, political and cultural relationships between Africa and the West.

Performance: LAND FOR SALE, in collaboration with Admire Kamudzengerere

Monosov and Kamudzengerere sit behind a table. They are packaging earth which visitors can buy in small specimen bags reading: “100% pure Pink Village earth.” The artists invite visitors to learn about Pink Village, a place 25km outside of Harare, Zimbabwe whose mud huts were painted pink by a Western artist in 2015.

 © 2019  Rachel Monosov 

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